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Pink Brutus Knits Blog

how i love the little things

courtney spainhower

after a long day at work and school we came home and began preparing some of the garden beds for fall.  our tomatoes are still producing like crazy, more bell pepper and serrano peppers are popping up, and after a miserable few months of crappy pumpkins, i finally have one that looks promising!

alizah and mae had a great time finding all the fat green caterpillars in the radish (bushes!) and picking radish beans for a snack.  i think they may have finally had there fill of cherry tomatoes!

this is a little pumpkin that got detached :(  i’m trying to save it in my kitchen plant hospital!


and i know those sugar baby melons are supposed to be small, but this i ridiculous!  HA

i found this little fella under the tomatoes!  i sliced it open just for kicks and found it perfectly ripe.  i’m calling it a wateriwi (watermelon/kiwi)