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"thanks" never felt so good!

for any and all familiar with the “opera” stuff i’ve been knitting on for ages…  

hubs shipped them out and i just got an e-mail the other day from the buyer letting me know they had arrived and that they were absolutely PERFECT!  what a wonderful, weight lifting, beautiful relief.  she thanked me again and even sent me a little bonus for my efforts!

for those unfamiliar with the project, it was a commissioned work from the sydney opera house.  they sent me the wardrobe designer’s drawings of a bonnet and scarf with measurements.  i then created patterns and knitted them to their specifications.  writing the pattern was the trickiest bit of the bonnet project - the pure scale was the trickiest part of the scarf project!  it was a monumental 9” by 80”!!!

i work in the front lines 40 hours a week - retail that is - and i witness first hand how terrible people can be - how horrifyingly unappreciative and nasty they REALLY can be!  and i see it with the hubs and his clients day in and day out… i spent months stitching away worried to death that something wouldn’t be right, so to have the client be absolutely satisfied and thankful seems like such a blessing!