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the perfect recipe

our day was busy busy busy and really isn’t over yet… the events of the day were somewhat separated into two groups - big girl stuff and little girl stuff.  mae had her bestie grace over for a baking play date and i have to say it was about the cutest thing EVER.  mae showed grace her personal spatula - that special one she loves the most, and grace showed mae her special baking apron which was super-d-duper cute.  fussy-gus as mae calls him started out as happy as could be but eventually lived up to his name and the little girls had to cut their play date a little short.  considering they go to the same babysitter three days a week you’d think this wouldn’t really be an issue but….

then alizah chose to spend the afternoon at the incredible pizza company - which is somewhat like chuck-e-cheese on steroids.  hubs and i surprised the girls first with a trip to the green leaf cafe for bubble teas with pearls!  they now have popping pearls so we all had a sampling.  the girls immediately compared them to orbeez and i have to agree.  when you bit into them, the fruity juice inside bursts into your mouth.  i found them to be horrifying.  the girls found them to be an explosion of fun (gag).  

it’s funny watching the girls together.  i have to say, alizah picks great girls to surround herself with and i never once had a moment of frustration or irritation with them all running around and singing and blabbing and acting like normal pre-teen girls.  they tried to include mae in all of their goofing around and mae refers to them as “the best friends” *cute*  

now i should get back to my knitting…. speaking of which… anyone have leads on buffalo wool in the states????