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Pink Brutus Knits
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Pink Brutus Knits Blog

it was a breeze

courtney spainhower

that turned into a gust.

in this case, the gentle breeze responsible for wafting our hair and singing past our cheeks was also responsible for carrying a huge hail storm to our doorstep.  i thought documenting the last moments of 70 degree air, open windows, and sunny skies would make me feel better about the next five days of dreary sludge.  we’ll see if it works.



i have all my little sprouts covered (safely i hope) and ready to push through.

lastnight was a hectic mishmash of too much to do and too little time to do it.  we did, however go to miss “vickia’s” (as the children call her) birthday party.  here are some sweet and silly moments from the evening:

yes, i know.  what is it with me and little backs???  well, they’re little.  i love that they’re little.  also, they’re straight.  little backs are the straightest backs you’ll ever see.  small people don’t slouch like us old, broken people - weighed down by the world.  little backs are aligned and relaxed.  what a blessing.