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harvest is a good start.

courtney spainhower

miss farmama did a shout out for a garden-along??? sure.  sounds fun to me!  thursday = garden pic.

and yes, a harvest is a good start.

peas and chamomile came off their respective stems today (insert grin)  this is my first year growing peas and i’m enchanted.  not to sound like a complete weirdo, but the plant is ever so feminine - the leaves, the flowers - i dig it.  oh, and how i’ve been yearning for my chamomile!!!  i think i ran out in december or january and (silly me) thought i could just stop in the local health food store to pick up some bulk and i’d never know the difference.  MY chamomile was nothing like THEIR chamomile.  it was terribly disappointing.  

another new skill i’ve decided to delve into is quilting… never thought i’d be interested much in it, but after reading this post i became curious and thought i’d give a simple one a shot.  honestly, i don’t know if it was the sight of such a small child at a sewing machine, the pic of mama and little one on the floor pinning, or the tiny kitten that sent me over my cuteness threshold, but it inspired this small 4’x5’ blanket.

it was finished in the nick of time, too.  who knew it would be the perfect thing for a feverish little girl to cuddle up with.