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courtney spainhower

The long-forgotten draft from 12.16.2014:

It was a balmy December morning and I was driving home at 430 am after dropping hubs off at work.  The window was cracked and as the heavy air pushed through the small opening, I breathed in the exhale of a planet, alive and releasing fumes of rain and dirt.  I smiled, appreciating that moment after being so agrivated about being summoned from bed to make the trip when our other car didn't start.

I've been hoisting myself out of the pit I settled into during this last hard flare-up.  I'm suddenly aware of how lovely it is to have a functioning pair of hands that open, close, and can hold forks without strain.  I'm grateful for every morning I can welcome without pain.  I'm procrastinating less and happy to drop what I'm doing to whip up a batch of green slime with Mae.  All the little moments strung together, making up our days and molding our lives have been my focus.