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the unfolding summer

It seems to be the summer of the girl this year.  Mae and I are spending so much time together and not doing much at all compared to the summer pace we normally keep.  Right now she's outside in the driveway, bare feet, wearing long john pajamas, and skateboarding with her freshly dyed purple-tipped hair gently reaching out in long fingery strands as the breeze catches and lifts it away from her shoulders.  She's been content playing as an only child since her sister is only home every other week in the summer months and she cares little about getting dressed or playing babies now that she's in the thick of her first teen year.  I'm grateful for the ease of our schedule even though I find myself fretting over the countdown to August 1st and the return of our extended school session.  

As always, work is work and I'm tip-toeing along the blade of time trying not to shift my weight too far on either side.  I am so blessed to have my dear friend, Mare in my corner, who is not too shy to invite herself over to weave in hundreds of ends while I mix cocktails.  We say little between sips and the dreadful task is over before we know it.  With the final deadline closing in, I still have an insane amount of work ahead of me, and yet I find myself looking ahead at what may come next.  This Fall is going to be made up of carefully calculated choices.  I'm happy to feel the tug of that time when I'm released from this year of book writing and can finally unwind, unfold, and open up my lungs to a full breath of fresh starts.