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the moment i realize it's july....

I'm doing it - against all odds - I'm surviving summer.  Getting into the rhythm of play day/work day and coming slowly to accept that I will not get as much work done at the pace I'd been granted with both girls in school.  I'm trying to ride the tide of our days with grace and patience.  I started out coasting through most of the smaller samples and was knocking more than one out every week so I was feeling pretty good and light.

Of course, life is not glossy and I've made a few messes for myself - like a sweater re-do that should have been a breeze but I stumbled.  I cut a sweater about in half - at the point the sleeves and body join the yoke - so that I could re-work the yoke.  It was one of those things where the shaping at the shoulders was just narrow enough to make me cringe and I decided I couldn't live with it (let alone send it off to my editor with a note like, "oh, hey... can you make sure they style this so it doesn't look all pinchy in the corners like that??")  I was smart enough to do the actually cutting when I was bright and fresh, then left the math for when I was tired and broken.  Needless to say, that sweater is still in pieces but I've re-done the math (CORRECTLY - I hope >insert cringe<) and I really only have about 3" of knitting before I can graft it all back together and move on with my life.

All other samples are coming along nicely now that I have a calendar alert on my phone every week letting me know just exactly I need to have off the needles within those 5 days.  It sounds a little crazy but standing in the middle of my livingroom, turning in circles, and wondering what I should be working was not cutting it.  Yesterday I declared to my family that I no longer like knitting.  They laughed.  I'm getting through the countless stitches and rows by drinking.  That probably sounds far more horrifying than I mean for it to!  I am still cutting out as much gluten as possible to decrease lupus flare-ups, so beer is out and a girl can only drink so many ciders before the sickeningly sweet brews become unbearable (though that Angry Orchard Elderflower is too good to be true).  So, I mix a drink each night.  I'm not getting plowed here, just having a drink. It's sort of fun to play bartender and find new and interesting combinations.  If you have any suggestions, let me know!

Keeping Mae entertained has been the hardest task of the season - last night she was living the life - in the hammock watching Nerdy Nummies - while I sat by the fire.  I do sometimes feel like I'm holding her hostage in the house while I work and I look forward to the trip my mama has planned for next week.  I'll have at least a couple no-guilt work days!  Phew!

I suppose I should stop procrastinating here and get back on the needles.  Happy July, people.