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For the children's sake


Lastnight // I'm not afraid to admit that there are times I'm outright jealous of my kids.  I was raised in a less than conventional home however, my girls have the luxury of living in a house overrun with plants, animals, and "special spaces" just for them.  I wouldn't mind a giant semi-permanent fort dressed in twinkle lights and padded with memory foam & giant pillows even now.  Both girls spend a good amount of time in this spot - normally with a dog or two to keep them company - and they can be left to quietly watch a show, read, or listen to music.  Mae and Marlowe are curled up together in the twinkle light tent as I type in the dark - Mae still wearing her tiger face paint with her little red all stars set just outside the tent at the foot of her bed.  So much cute-ness happening right now...



Tonight // We did a fair amount of crafting today since every other Sunday is Mama and Mae only time.  I have absolutely no work on the to-do list at the moment so I pulled out my collection of hooks and googled how to crochet hexagons because that is how I do most things.  I actually ended up finishing 13 hexies while Mae  whipped up a length of I-cord using the I-cord machine I picked up a while back.  We then headed to the yard for kite flying and crown constructing.  She chose goldenrod and I obliged despite my extreme allergies.  My eyes and nosed burned for hours after, but it was totally worth it.

The boy was wondering where my post about the book completion is... meh.  The book is done for all intensive purposes and you see, it's behind me (for the time being).  It's just how I operate.  I still have editing and design phases to get through so I really don't have that huge elation yet.  Talk to me next September when we're on the cusp of publication!  For now, I've been focused on some smaller projects which, if you follow along on instagram, you're probably properly sick of!  Ha!  More is in the works and October will be sufficiently busy for me with a few more designs queued up so, unfortunately, my time here will be meager as has been the case the past year.  I'm hoping to get back into the groove here next year with some focused and regular content that I've been organizing for a while.

So, for now, I'm happy to welcome fall and the knitting season! xo


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