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the ends and beginnings

Year's end is always chaotic despite our desperation to hold onto and savor each and every quiet, sweet, and joyful moment.  This past holiday, my oldest was with her dad on Christmas morning, and Mae couldn't be held back from her gifts by things like Daddy being present!  By the time he made it down the stairs, nearly every package was stripped bare.  I want to dig in my heels and stop time.  How many more years will she leave notes like this for her favorite guy?  How much more magic is lingering in the world for her?

It's the burden of growing older for both of us.

Welcoming the new year means another mantra and I've known what it was going to be for weeks.  December was especially hard for me on the work front, and mustering motivation to buckle down... HA!  It was non-existent.   I've always had a strong work ethic - I felt like the lack of motivation (or maybe even downright disinterest) was a sign that my creative energy was jammed up and I needed a break.  I didn't let my eyes fall on an email or pattern.  I cleaned - man, I cleaned a lot.  I spent time with the girls.  I spent time with myself.  However, I can't live with my head in the sand.  Today was the first Monday of the year and I set the new mantra into action.  

"Practice diligence as if it is an art form."

Diligence is as broad as any of my other mantras, yet it seems slippery.  I will have to come at it from different angles.

Wishing everyone luck and love in 2016 xo