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Between Stitches March 18

March has always been my least favorite month of the year.  BUT Spring, right?  and this year, the week of spring break for the girls was also the week a whopping 12 inches of snow dumped on us which felt like a special sort of kick in the teeth.  However, it's also a time for dreaming about warmer weather and I can collect an abundance of eggs in nothing more than a long sleeved shirt even if I'm clogging through snow and mud.  I have seeds ordered and placed in the little pop up greenhouse, but I haven't watered them/activated them yet.  And it's a good thing, too since a storm with heavy winds kicked up a corner and some sneaky squirrel got it's paws in one of the grow tubs.

I'm really sort of enjoying these monthly updates - how long can it possibly last!?

Anyways, I've been riding the spectrum hard - days of deep cleaning and mopping and wiping down all of the light switches, door frames, cabinets... and days of laying in bed watching shows about hoarders and being thankful that my house is so neat and tidy (as I stuff trash in an empty box next to the pantry because the trash is full and I can't drum up the energy to take it out).  I'm extremely fortunate to have found the absolute love of my life.  He gives me the room to ride out March without passing judgement.  Ordering in dinner again tonight?  No problem, it was delicious.  Staying in bed and drinking beer? No problem, I'll put the chickens up.  Not feeling well?  No problem, I'll bring you some snacks.  He says he's so supportive because he knows this isn't my usual routine.  He can easily tolerate these brief bouts. 

March also happens to be the time of my yearly lady exam and that never ends up going well.  This is year three of knowing for sure I'll be back in a week or so for a cervical biopsy.  If you've never had a cervical biopsy, I'll just assure you here and now that it sucks ass.  However, I was in unusually high spirits on the day of my appointment and my doctor is the absolute BEST, so we were chatting away and having a mighty fine talk about what a turd my lupus is and went down the list of all the things I could be prescribed for my early menopause.  And then she found a lump in my left breast. No big deal.  It's probably just a cyst but here's an order to go directly downstairs and have a mammogram like... right now.  I felt totally fine with this and headed down.  They got me in really quickly and then a ridiculously kind woman man-handled my boobs for about 30 minutes.  After the mammogram I was ushered into the ultrasound room and we talked about ultrasounds with our pregnancies.  She said, "I don't think we'll be hearing a heartbeat today though!" and I said, "OMG if you hear a heartbeat, you better just send me directly to surgery!" and then we both laughed and laughed.  It was great.  She said the little bugger was no cyst and was in fact a very solid mass.  The doc took a look and decided to schedule a biopsy because it doesn't look like cancer, but because I'm so young, we need to know exactly what's going on rather than just monitoring it visually.  I'm totally okay with that.  Err, I was totally okay with that.  For some reason, as the days tick on I'm feeling less and less casual about a big ass needle getting stuck in my boob and having a tumor tagged with a piece of titanium.  Call me crazy.

I took a mini-break from my true crime obsession/binge listening because it was making me a bit paranoid... and the kids had a mini intervention.  Mae was like, so.... I can hear your podcasts from my room and they're freaking me out.  Alizah was like, I'm really worried about the fact that I go to get a drink and on my way back upstairs I realize you've fallen asleep listening to stories about murdering people.  Fair enough, girls. 

And ya know, that's basically all that's been going on.  I did a fair amount of knitting for fun, taking a week off from working on the book but I'm back at it now and these posts aren't for knitting updates so.... I think I'll leave it here.  Tomorrow is the great April Fool's Easter so, that should be interesting.