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Feeling a bit flushed

I find myself working with Knit Picks on a regular basis for their collections and there are a number of reasons for it.  First, they provide multiple calls at a time which is nice when one might pique your interest and not another.  They're one of the easiest companies to work with through the entire process.  The yarn they send designers is for their own personal samples and for working out patterns, then they have a sample knitter that creates the garment photographed for the collection.  This means the pattern goes through many hands before being published and designers have an opportunity to work with a sample knitter who might point things out along the way that others will ultimately question during the knitting process.  Of course, as I learned so well with Nineveh, somethings come together easily for me and the sample knitter without question (THEM POCKETS!) and yet, we're the only two knitters on the planet to do so.  And that's okay too!

The Flush Shawl is just one of those fun little knits that is simple in design, easy to execute, not too serious, and in the end, rather quick to whip up.  You can find the collection on Ravelry or HERE. The entire collection is very sweet and the patterns all feel approachable.  I look forward to seeing every collection come together since I am only privy to my tiny corner of it for so long!  I just love the surprise.

And while we're on the topic of knitting and design - one I've been posting an alarmingly small amount about....

My new life motto is this: Life is serious enough, take knitting lightly.  It's tough in any industry where creativity is the driving force.  I've written about this countless times, and yet it remains true.  I think the difference is me - I've changed, my perceptions, and what I decide should carry weight.  Little things strike me, and I think I'm getting too old to worry about it.  I'm getting too old to fret.  I'm getting too old to care.  As the years tick on, my drive to knit and design have fluctuated wildly and I went from the ever-pleasing-designer to a more settled version of that, one that is growing back into the core, finding home base.  I guess that's just a fancy way of saying I'm unearthing a long-buried voice.  Since I was so focused on just getting in the door with publishers, I was a chameleon designer who would produce what ever they asked of me.  Now, rather than submitting for every call that passes through my inbox, I choose, and more often than not I'm choosing to let it pass on by.

But, now that I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with the new book, I'm preparing to get back on the horse as they say.  The trouble is that I'm going to be ever-aware of that line between designing for a call and designing for myself.  That can bring out the defeatist Scorpio child within me and she's a nasty little bugger.  I think I only have one more pattern queued for release this year though and that's a crazy thought!  With the publishing schedule, this is all stuff I was doing before I got started on the new book back in August.  I suppose I can start poking my head out of the sand again.