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camp nostalgia

As we were scrambling to find something that Mae would want to do this summer and something that wasn't completely booked already, we asked her about this camp and that, basketball?  Swimming?  Are the zoo camps filled? What about this gymnastics or this dance?  Nothing.  She was being difficult and bored but unwilling - I attribute this to her indecisive Libra nature paired with her guarded Scorpio cusp.  Then, Nate had a stroke of genius and asked if Mae would be interested in going to Camp Palawopec.  I thought there was no way in hell she'd agree to a sleep-away camp... she won't even stay over with her grandparents!  But, she surprised us all and said she'd think about it.  Thinking quickly became inquiring and inquiring quickly became interest.  She wanted to go, but was there someone who could go with her?  A friend?  Alizah went to the very same camp in 2012, but her childhood friend was attending also, so it made two weeks easier to grapple with.  Mae said yes with two conditions - a friend has to go, too and for only one week.  We were fine with that since a week lightens the pockets by about $700.  The real questions was, what friend had parents that could slap down that much cash on camp with about a week's notice?  We started listing names - well, even if she could, they're going out of town, and that one won't want to be gone that long and so on until DING!  What about Alizah's other sister?  The girls have always been very close and so when I brought up the idea to them, it was a hit.  We sent off the applications and payments and waited to hear if they were "in" since openings are limited. The daily nagging about if I'd heard back was unbearable but finally, the letters arrived and the girls were set along with a little handwritten note saying the camp was going to make sure the girls were bunked together.


We dropped them off yesterday and got the tour with all of the new bells and whistles since Alizah's days.  Alizah said it was really nostalgic being back there and some of her classmates are now counselors.  The rain we've been promised and praying for finally made its very inconvenient appearance, so last night I was stressed and worried that the storms would have her wishing for home.  I want this to be a week of wild fun, and connection to self in a way she can't experience at home.  It's an electronic-free camp with no phones or distractions, but with endless  opportunities for adventure.

I'm honestly just really eager to hear how she did with the outhouses!  HA!  But the kids have a lot of freedom and choices as to what they want to participate in and there are dogs running around freely, so I'm sure she'll find one that will be "her" camp dog.  She's just one of those people.  I'll post an update about how it all went at the end of the month with my Between Stitches post.  I leave here now with some 2012/2018 then and now pics from the day we dropped Alizah off and the the day we dropped Mae off.