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the designer


Process over Product

I'm not shy to say there are days I wonder what led to this knitting.  However, I'm a processor - a printmaker and ceramicist in previous incarnations - and knitting is process wrapped in the neat package that can be taken along or confined to the comfort of the couch.  I stepped into design and pattern drafting after many aimless attempts at finding a way to earn some extra money while I transitioned to staying home with the girls full-time.  

Many of my works feature unusual shaping and a lot of texture, but it's not ideal being the knitter of the family.  For those interested in seeing what it really takes to knit a sweater, I worked one up in real time on Facebook live (#realtimesweaterproject).  You can find the videos on facebook HERE.  It was a weird endeavor, but I haven't had anyone ask me to knit them a sweater since posting the insanely boring series.

After spending about two years working on my book, Family-Friendly Knits, I took a little bit of a design hiatus.  I'm slowly starting to find my stride again as I continue to look within and search for balance.

In the 10 years since casting on my first stitch, I have had the honor of building a nice little portfolio of work with various yarn companies, magazines, and book publishers.... design portfolio below!

Self-published works & Free patterns