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Half-Acre Homestead INDY

Introduction & Coming Soon!

When we first moved to this little corner of earth on the outskirts of Indianapolis, we had big dreams but there was much to do, right down to the clearing of overgrown brush and a poison ivy infestation that was unmatched.  Over the past year, we've been able to carve out small steps toward our goal with the addition of chickens, ducks, the first gardens, and fruit trees.

Our ducks have been laying steadily for a year now and are surprisingly great winter layers (pictured above). Our hens, on the other hand, are still young and our laying rotation is a work in progress.  To date we have acquired all 12 hens that we had planned on raising.

Our eldest, sweetest hen is Ruby.  She's a Welsummer that produces a range of light eggs that are heavily speckled to rich solid terra cotta (pictured above).  Our fluffly, docile Silkie is Blind Melon.  She gives us little peachy cream pee wee sized eggs regularly (when she's not brooding *insert scowl*). We have two Buff Orpingtons that are great producers; Goldie and Honey.  Their eggs range from pale yellow brown to warm pink blush with white speckles.

One of our Easter Eggers, Sylvia has been threatened with the soup pot more times than necessary, I'm sure.  She's the same age as the Orpingtons and has yet to give up an egg!  Tick tock, Sylvie.

Our pullets are Rose and Salsa.  Rose is a stunning Olive Egger that has the copper hackle feathers of a Black Copper Marans along with feathered legs, but a silvery blue in her feathers.  Salsa is a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte - a favorite around here - leaving the best feathers around the yard to be collected.  We're excited to see what eggs these two have in store for us.

We have five youngsters now.  Jean and Louise are both Black Copper Marans, currently about 3 months old.  Chunk (pictured above when she was just a chick) is our other Easter Egger just in case Sylvia never produces.  She gave up her owl-faced chipmunk look, trading it in for a stunning and unexpected grey/white/black coloring. Mae says she looks like an eagle with puffy cheeks (and she's not wrong). Violet is our Blue Ameraucana and she's the current champ in the puffy cheek contest. Pip is our Rhode Island Red - these girls are about 2.5 months old.

 Some of the girls enjoying their favorite tree.  Clockwise from the top: Sylvia (the free-loader), Goldie, Salsa, Rose, and Honey.

Some of the girls enjoying their favorite tree.  Clockwise from the top: Sylvia (the free-loader), Goldie, Salsa, Rose, and Honey.

Coming Soon!

We'll be offering duck and chicken eggs for sale to locals in the coming year.  Please check back or sign up for our newsletter for availability.