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turn to speak but you're alone.

do i even remember how to knit? who knows…  you see, after blowing all my cash on booze and gourmet cheeses, i simply have nothing left over to spend on the knitting string.  so i tried to keep practice by fiddling with leftover yarn from my scarf, but i got this band-aid on my pointer finger.  i cut it yesterday with a sharp knife while slicing a lemon - nothing serious but the band-aid is on for at least another day & yarn and sticky band-aid are gross together.

in unrelated news: last night i went in search of the color RED.  

here is what i found:


stay tuned for green…



this was supposed to be an Engligh Rose but i grabbed the wrong vermouth & what a disappointment it was, too, when this nasty dishwater looking substance came out of the shaker.  tastes pretty good, though.

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