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that cat's something i can't explain.


today i went back to Knit Stop.  this pattern calls for 2-1/2 balls of yarn, but i only bought two originally.  i don’t know why i did this since i am following the pattern exactly.  so much time is wasted when i run out of yarn unnecessarily.  two knitting groups were meeting at the store, so i got to overhear plenty o female chit-chatting.  the lady at the cash register remembered my name from a previous visit days earlier.  part of me appreciates this kind of personalized customer service.  part of me thinks its sort of creepy that she remembered my name; and even a bit inappropriate since we were never formally introduced - i guess she got it off my Visa card.  then again, i was probably one of a few boy customers that week, making me easier to remember.

we’ve been listening to early Pink Floyd lately.  dr. mancini loves Syd Barrett.