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clouds in my coffee.


i spent the weekend looking after a pack of dogs for family friends in Westfield; one of two house-sitting jobs i take regularly.   

Max is an aged wiener dog:


Clyde and Chloe are cairn terriers:


the cairns are brother and sister, practically inseparable and very sweet.  apparently some time last week they were checked-in to the vet to get their teeth cleaned.  the procedure involved them being separated and “knocked out”.  the experience especially traumatized Clyde and when he saw his owners packing their suitcases to leave, he freaked out and spent the morning before i arrived violently throwing up; there were bloody assplosions: the works.  i didn’t have to clean anything up, thankfully, but spent the weekend sort of terrified that he would relapse.  

lucky for me he didn’t and the weekend turned out to be uneventful, except that i finished the tweed hat.  its a pretty nice hat too; a little bit small on me but I still prefer it to that other hat i knitted up.  its pretty great that its the first piece i’ve started and completed without any assistance.


i love it when they touch.

the tweed hat completed: