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Contributor : THE BOY

my night is colored headache gray.


bought me some B6 vitamins.  they say these things enhance dreams, like vivid color and all that.  i was planning on taking one last night before bed but thought it better to wait until the weekend just in case things got too crazy.  which was good because i had a nightmare about eating at mcdonald’s.  when i think of what might have been… o the relief.  imagine being force fed a big mac in vivid color.  yikes!

today this song was in my head.  so tonight i listened to it to get it out of my system.  then i looked up the lyrics and discovered how off i had been on more than one verse.  i hate when that happens.  i just feel so foolish.  like the whole meaning of the song changes & i don’t know if i prefer my version, or the real one.

started knitting:


its a tie!  and its inside-out at the moment.  first time knitting in a tube & with fingering weight yarn.  the work is slow but i enjoy this weight of yarn very much.  its easier than i thought it would be, although i fear mistakes will be more difficult to correct because the stitches are so small.  courtney helped pick out the yarn on saturday.  actually she did pick out the yarn, but i approved of it right away.