My name is Courtney - thanks for stopping by!

I was always a creator, stapling fabric together to make “clothes” as a kid, spurring my mother to buy me my first sewing machine when I was 12. Sewing, as it turned out, was a bit to rigid for me… I’ve never been good at measuring twice! I’m still not a proficient seamstress, but I have always been a passionate creator. I went to school for fine art specializing in ceramics and printmaking however, as a stay-at-home mother, I discovered knitting - the perfect blend of child-friendly and portable while fulfilling my desperate need to keep my restless hands busy. I love a good problem to solve, I love a mystery, I love creating something that will be used, and knitwear design checked all the boxes. I dove in to designing as Pink Brutus Knits full-time in 2009. Many of my works feature unusual shaping and a lot of texture, but it's not ideal being the knitter of the family. For those interested in seeing what it really takes to knit a sweater, I worked one up in real time on Facebook live (#realtimesweaterproject). You can find the videos on facebook HERE. It was a weird endeavor, but I haven't had anyone ask me to knit them a sweater since posting the insanely boring series. Most unexpectedly, the transition into knitwear design has allowed me the opportunity to contribute work to many books and magazines including Interweave Knits, Interweave Book Collections, Knitscene, Berroco Yarn Co, Knit Picks Collections, Taproot Magazine, and Pom Pom Quarterly. I was blessed with an amazing publisher for my first knitting book, Family-Friendly Knits in 2015 and is I am currently awaiting the release of my second, Elemental Knits, due to release in October of 2019. You can find my entire print portfolio under my portfolio tab and my books under my books tab. I’ve also been teaching new knitters how to transform two sticks and string into fabric for many years. In 2019 I joined the STITCHES faculty and I’m very excited about the opportunity to connect with knitters from all over the States. For locals, I teach knitting at Michael’s Arts & Crafts. Find upcoming classes under my events tab.

I’m constantly working to balance my personal life with work and one thing that forces me to occasionally slow down and take time off from the blog and my social media is my Lupus. I’m surrounded by the unrelenting support of my husband and daughters who encourage me to stay in touch with myself and put health first ( I can be a bit of a workaholic!). My family and I live on a little half acre on the outskirts of Indianapolis where we share our lives with lots of dogs, chickens, and a very sweet rabbit.

If you'd like to dive deeper, feel free to check out some of my past interviews. You can find a listing HERE .

Interested in working with me on a project or having me teach at your shop or guild? Please contact me via my contact page.

Near + Dear

Some of the things our family deals with on a daily basis are completely foreign to a good many. If you're interested in learning more about Trichotillomania or Lupus - or if you or someone you love is suffering with either, I've compiled a list of links I've found helpful.


Lupus FoundationLRALiving with LupusNational Resource CenterLupus Awareness


The Therapy ShoppeTrichotillomania UKTrich Stop Online Therapy (adults), HabitAware

My daughter and I partnered with HabitAware and put together an article, Back to School with BFRBs. In addition to giving some advice for communicating with your child’s school about their body-focused repetitive behaviors and an email template for communication with teachers, I also provide some insights about how Trich has affected our family. Find strategies to for parents of children with BFRBs cope and some information about the financial and emotional cost of BFRBs, too. Click here to read it now.