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new orders...

the beginning of stockings!  i’m making my own pattern for these (there will be four at completion) - two white and two red.  oh,  and i’m kettle dyeing the red.  so far so good!


i still have my little color changing scarf i’ve been working on as a break between projects.  of course hubs thinks i should be working on his man cowl instead! LOL

i’m taking next week off work so i’m hoping to catch up on a TON of knitting.  i would LOVE to button up the opera bonnet and perhaps get that scarf done.  even if i just get the strips knitted without getting them  sewn together, i’ll be happy.  then, the stockings.  the first one seems to be coming along nicely… i just have to keep my momentum!  

hubs is right in that i need to get going on his cowl.  he rides in warm or cold weather and i think a woolly warm cowl will at least help keep the nip out.  alizah has some yarn she picked out at nomad, but she hasn’t really said what she wants yet.  i may have to choose for her!  i had this crazy idea that i was going to make some knitwear x-mas gifts for my dad and his wife this year… let’s hope my fingers haven’t fallen off by then!

thank goodness that was a dream!

art fire?