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thank goodness that was a dream!

i had a slew of bazaar dreams last night.  

1: hubs and i moved to hawaii.  we had no cash and were staying in a motel in some slum.  it was horrible.  where were the children??? and i called my father who said, “well, what the hell are you doing in hawaii anyway?  don’t you know the cost of living out there is outrageous?”

2: my boss hired a guy named pat to work in the warehouse.  i was at my desk in carl’s office when we heard senior page, “pat, call 2 5.”  carl shuddered in horror and disgust.

3: the color change scarf i’m working on was featured on REGRETSY!  LOL  there was a whole group of people who were called into a meeting and we all had our regretsy items with us.  i thought, “well, at least this should boost traffic to my page!”

that’s all for now.  back to the grind.

chug chug chug

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