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guess what i did today.

yep.  my first adventure in spinning for a custom baby hat!  LOL  the buyer is on a super tight time frame and really really really wanted the thick ‘n’ thin yarn for this elfie hat.  of course, i can’t find a single place in town that stocks the stuff either in the colors she wanted or just plain white (that i could dye) - and i called everywhere.

i’d have to say, for my very first time out of the gate - and with no training other than a video i watched on youtube - it’s not bad!  i knitted up a swatch and it’s perfect for the project.  the down side?  i suck at dyeing roving.  it’s hanging right now, but i’m pretty sure it felted a bit.  i’ll assess the damage tomorrow.  the other up side?  i had a ton of red roving from my needle felting days sitting around!  i spun it up pretty quickly despite having to piece it together quite a bit. 

the hubs has been assigned to get some big double pointed needles tomorrow while i’m at work so i can get to it as soon as physically possible.  i don’t know how excited he is about the mission, but yay for him!  taking one for the team!  LOL

spun? done.

dye dye knit knit