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spun? done.

i spun my little heart out these past couple days for this darling alchemy request.  how lucky can one girl be to find bunches of red roving after the whole dye debacle?  i spun it up in a jiff and headed straight for those needles the hubs picked up.

which reminds me - what a funny story!  he dropped the little hairless beast back off with his rightful owner this morning and headed straight for joann’s.  i’m sure he wondered aimlessly for a bit before finding someone to help him.  now, i’m gonna take a step back for a moment to last night when he was wearing this hat i made for him FOREVER ago.  it was my very first hat on DPN’s and to look at it now is…. difficult…  especially since i have slaved over far more lovely hats for his head since.  i said, “why do you still wear that ugly hat?  it’s horrible.”  his response, “i like it.”  fast forward back to this morning:

hubs: do you have knitting needles?

sales woman: yes we do. 

(leading him to knitting section)

sales woman: so… do you knit?

hubs: no.  i’m getting these for my wife.  she tried to teach me once but i have textural issues with yarn and didn’t enjoy it.

sales woman: oh.  did she make that hat?

(insert horrifyingly ugly hat and certain disgust on joann’s lady’s face)

hubs: ya.  but she’s much better at knitting now.

(good save)

anyways!  here is the finished hat for the alchemy order

new orders, new challenges