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dye the yarn, knit the yarn

well, it’s official.  i’m hooked!  the roving was a wash, but yarn? oh glorious yarn!

i dyed three hanks last night - the first i thought for sure i had gotten a little to fancy and it all turned to mud.  i was going for various purples, light and dark grays, and some brown but when i realized the gun metal gray was really more of a dark blue i was about to loose it!  however, when i checked on it this morning i was very pleasantly surprised.

it’s quite lovely knitted up.  i’ve got a new kerchief pattern in the works with this and it’s coming along beautifully!  i’ll be posting it once the project is finished.

the one i posted a pic of last night?  well,  this morning when i went down to check it out, i realized there was a ton of white yarn still!  again, i threw it in the pot with some silver gray.  it’s hanging now and i’m eager to see how it looks tomorrow.

the third was supposed to be pink and blue for my mama’s neighbor but the blue ended up way too dark making it look kind of… patriotic.  honestly, it was fugly.  i sat in the shower stall for a while just staring at it.  finally, back into the pot it went with yellow!  as it bubbled i used a dropper to add some brown to the mix.  this one is also hanging right now and surprisingly, i think it may end up being my fave!

i’ve also been working on the scarf for the sydney opera house.  it’s going to be a long… long… long… haul.  and hopefully GORGEOUS.  the specifications are 9” by 80” so it may seem like an endless snake for a while ;)


new orders, new challenges