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it's seedy

i have all this glorious wool and i couldn’t keep my hands off.  i started this little seedy hat - and working on the pattern to post on ravelry.  i still don’t have the ribbed kerchief pattern finished… i guess all in due time.

the best part about working on this sweet little hat today was when the hubs looked over and said, “that’s cool.  what stitch is that?  seed stitch?”  what an amazing hubs he is!  it’s almost like he’s listening while i blab on and on about this project or that.  :D

in other knitty news, i made a purple carrot.  carrots can be purple, right?

the carrot came from itty-bitty nursery by susan b anderson.  it was a quick enough knit, so i may have a whole slew of non-orange carrots laying around soon.  the only thing i changed (since i can’t follow a pattern to save my life) was the greens.  i added the twisty bits at the ends.

i’m being far to lazy to edit my pics tonight so please forgive the yellow-ish-ness…  now that daylight savings has gone into effect it’s dark before i even leave the shop in the evening.  the owner’s wife commented tonight that it felt cozy.  it just makes me feel sloth-ish.  oh how i miss the days of cooking dinner with the sun still high in the sky.  the light makes you go outside and talk and play and work!

i will say though, the morning sun that filters through our front windows in the fall and winter is so white and clean it seems to wash out the looming late afternoon sunsets.  

off to bed now.  zzzzzzz


the most beautiful fall day

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