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the most beautiful fall day

today is gorgeous.  it’s nearly 70 degrees, the sun is shining, the sky is clear, i have every window in the house open, and mae (and the kitties) sat for pics!  what a beautiful day indeed!  this was the view from my bedroom window today:

so…. i’d like to mention this shirt i bought at H&M a couple weeks ago.  it’s quickly becoming my favorite article of clothing.  yes, it’s gray like almost everything else i love to wear, but it’s really border line pajamas!  it’s so soft and thin and comfy!!! i love wearing it to work with some jeggings and boots and a big over-sized sweater.   it makes work feel more snuggly.

2nd i’d like to mention how rad that morning sun is i spoke of last night.  i was up before 8 and taking tons of pics for etsy, then thought i’d take one of my snuggly shirt.  very 80’s dramatic, wouldn’t you say?  :D (side note: isn’t that bullet necklace amazing?  it’s my birthstone and i gifted it to myself for my birthday.  check more out here)

mew mew mew

kitties (evil knievel (or “over” as mae calls him) and sam-francis!  they almost never sit still for me to snap a pic, and i honestly don’t think i have ever gotten one photo of frannie before today!

and here are some pics of mae’s photo shoot today.  HA  she’s so cute!!! (that’s the seedy beanie finished, btw.  check out more pics on my etsy site)


officially exhausted

it's seedy