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too much cuteness!

i finally got my garment labels and they are the CUTEST things ever!  i thought it was a good idea to sew labels in my knitwear because of all this talk about “branding”  plus, it seemed like a little touch that would have a big impact.

alizah had requested that elfish hat for a school program so i thought i’d better get it buttoned up before i got started on some special orders that just came in.  i’m zipping along and should have it finished today.  she wants me to dye it gray - which i’m out of!  but the dyes should be coming in tomorrow.  hopefully i’ll be doing lots of dyeing friday!

in other news, i watched “wristcutters, a love story” the other night.  now, this isn’t exactly one for the kids, but it was a great watch - and not nearly as depressing as the title might imply.  i highly recommend checking it out.  and since you can watch it instantly on netflix, there’s really no reason to miss out!  i made the hubs watch it with me and he seemed to like it.  i always know we’re doing good when he isn’t fiddling with his iphone the entire time!  LOL



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