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next round of special orders

now that the stockings are completed i had planned on getting some smaller orders buttoned up.  i’m about half way through my last strip for the opera scarf, 90% done with the opera bonnet, and SO close to finishing chaz’s hat!!!!  i still need to start robin’s bonnet… i need to find a nice corresponding color to go with the variegated stuff…. hmmmm

so, i have two more special orders that just came in.  i LOVE alchemy, btw… it’s fun to choose which projects to take on - PLUS, when i feel like i haven’t had many sales, i hop on there and place bids.  what a great way to drum up some business.

the most recent alchemy i won requires custom dyed yarn (of course!)  it’s really far easier to just dye it than scour the surface of the globe finding exactly what they have in mind.

in the dye pot!

mae was a great help to me on this one.  she helped me make hanks on the niddy noddy, then she put all the wool in the water to soak (making sure she got all the bubbles out!)  then kept mama company for a while during the dyeing.  once it’s in the kettle, it’s pretty boring (and stinky!)  she asked alizah if she’d like to lend a hand, but alizah is almost ten and she was far more concerned with ten year old things….

speaking of which!!!! here’s her elf hat!

she’s such a NUT!

see how sad and dark it is in these pics?????!!???? i bet it was 7pm when we took these.  i just want to roll around on the ground kicking and squealing like a tot when it’s pitch dark at 6pm.  it’s the PITS!

what’s not the pits?  my new etsy shop, of course!  i realize i’m making a ton more work for myself in doing this, but i thought the timing was right so… i went for it.  i’m going to be separating  all of my kid knits out to the new shop, keeping adult knits and maybe adding patterns to the birdylicious shop.  it’s empty right now, but if you’re interested in checking out the new one… click here!


in the kitchen and tiny needles