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in the kitchen and tiny needles

mae was my BIG helper today!  it was a little dreary outside but mae and i decided to get an early (for us) start and head straight to the store.  we were out of just about everything and couldn’t wait to get our hands on our favorite fall fruit - the glorious pomegranate mmmmm  we picked up six of these gem-filled treats along with tons of greens and asian pears and yummy cheeses….  as soon as we got home we got to work.  eating poms takes lots of preparation!

mae was so careful with the seeds saying, “mommy, i’m being really gentle!”  i think i ended up with more stained fingers than she did.

as a super special treat, i found my knitpicks box on the front stoop waiting for me.  i ordered these little needles

the boy inspired me to make some minis when he said he wants to make finger puppets PLUS it was worth the mere $19 for this little set!  mae was so amazed by these teeny tiny needles.  she took one out and slowly moved it toward her fingertip.  when the two met her eyes lit up!  “MAMA!  these don’t hurt!”  i explained that they’re very small, but they aren’t sharp like sewing needles.  her response, “ya.  those hurt you when they go up and down.”  silly girl!

my mama showed up to drop off some holiday things for the girls and ended up going with us to pick alizah up from school.  she was then headed to get her hair trimmed and we decided to go along for the ride.  how i wish i had grabbed the camera!  my step-sister does my mama’s hair and she ended up doing wash and trims on both girls!  it was the cutest thing ever seeing mae in the little chair getting her hair washed!  we’re at-home-salon folks so it was quite a treat for both girls.

we headed back home and began the task of making butter.  the girls have been waiting for this for weeks!  i made butter at school one year around thanksgiving - i bet i was right around alizah’s age, too.  all the other kids thought it was stupid and boring and WAY too much work for something you could grab at the grocery store, but i thought it was the coolest thing i’d ever done.  of course, i wouldn’t keep this magical experience from my girls!  we made one batch of cinnamon butter, and one plain.


both girls hung in there for the majority of the shaking.  mae had it and declared she would help again when it was time to stir!  HA

mmm frothy!  for a whipped butter, we would have stopped right around here BUT we wanted a firmer butter so…. out came the spoons!

once the fat and water separate it’s time to strain.  layers of cheesecloth will work, but i prefer tea towels.  i just put the towel over a cup or bowl depending on how much i’m straining, pour the contents into the towel, and squeeze all the juicy stuff out into the container.  when you’re finished you have this stuff:

mmmm now we just have to find some warm, delicious, baked goods to smear this stuff on!

in other knitting news, i started the hubs’ cowl (finally) last night.  the poor guy looks so sad getting all geared up to get on the bike with nothing around his neck but a flimsy little hanky.  LOL

it’s a surprisingly lovely cascade heather that the hubs picked out all by himself!

i still need to start alizah’s cowl.  she chose this amazing cascade eco yarn

it’s so amazing i’m actually having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that i’m going to have to let her have the item once it’s finished!  isn’t that terrible??? i must admit though, the girl has taste!



oh sunday.

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