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oh sunday.

another knitting-filled sunday has come and gone.  more special orders in the box!?  this is getting serious!  i got a TON done today though (this does NOT include the laundry LOL)

one special order DONE!

this little darling was kettle dyed with 2:1 bright blue & black acid dye.  while it was in the pot i sprinkled a little bit of black on the surface to give it some deeper spots.  i think it turned out amazing.  i hope the buyer loves it!

opera bonnet is SO CLOSE! once the i-cord is done, it’s time to block and ship!  WHHHOOOOOOT

got alizah’s elfish hat dyed, too.  she was thrilled when she got home this afternoon.  her one complaint?  it stinks.  vinegar and wet wool do NOT smell good.  this is a fact.

specs: kettle dyed with silver gray jaquard - LOVELY!

new designs!  i’ve been working on some ideas for the lucy & the bird shop.  one is a collection of pocket pals.  this is a sneak peek of harold.  he’s a pocket octo.  he needs eyes though…..

the girls have requested spiders next - an easy progression from harold.

now it’s time for me to veg out and be completely unproductive for at least an hour!

week gone by...

in the kitchen and tiny needles