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week gone by...

i can’t believe another week has come and gone!  my work schedule was switched around because of the holiday and i never really got back on track.  it’s funny how switching one day in your routine can change everything!  thanksgiving was what it almost always is… a stressful mess of running from this place to that and smiling my way though one awkward moment to the next.  it’s silly though, isn’t it?  i’d love to just stay home with my girls and the hubs… eat and play and really BE thankful that day.

i accepted an invite to participate in the upcoming holiday bazaar being held at the wheeler building this coming friday.  what was i thinking!? HA  i’ve been getting some quick little knits done for the show, plus i’m bringing some of the wears i currently have in my etsy shop.  tonight i dug out some tiny gold foil origami paper thinking it would be a sweet touch to the booth.  i’ll see how many gold foil cranes i can fold by friday!  here are some of the little tid bits i’ll be bringing to the show:

these are the big bows.  i used some bulky wool to make them and to be quite honest, i think they’re darling!  all of the bows have elastics for wearing them headband style.  i need to get some pics of alizah wearing them.  i think they’re perfect for the pre-teen/teen, but they’ll look equally darling on little ones and grown-ups!  in fact, i have my eye on the purple one….

these are the little bows.  i have a mix here… some are malabrigo merino and some are baby alpaca.  they’re all darling and so so so soft!

i thought it might be fun to throw some starfish into the mix, too.  these are both malabrigo merino.  the girls love them and have quickly added them to their christmas lists!

the yellow one has a purple belly!  cute!

this one was knitted from the caramel roving i dyed and spun.  i think it makes fine starfish skin indeed!

i needed something to house all of those hair bows… i came up with these pillow boxes.  i downloaded the template here.  cut, paste, stamp, DONE!  i love them!

in addition to all the crafty crafts being done, we cleaned and cleansed all day today.  we’ve had this “floating” play area on our tiny house for as long as we’ve lived here, but i think i took care of it once and for all!  i have grand plans for christmas and the play area is going to be transformed completely.  shhhh it’s a surprise ;)

all this work and, of course…. i’m feeling a cold coming on.  i hate that feeling of slowly winding down.  my throat was terribly sore this morning and my sinuses are screaming.  this is our idea of dayquil:

today i had a heaping helping of my own home made cold killer tea.  i just recently realized i could buy empty tea bags and the health food store and fill them.  DUH!  hahaha.  it sure came in handy today.  i steep my tea, squeeze half a lemon into the brew, then stir in about half a teaspoon of raw honey.  how i love those poms for their efforts in my cold war.  tomorrow i’ll grate up some ginger and make my cold killer part two.

mmmm sweet relief.

off to bed!  tomorrow will be another big day.  

holiday bazaar prep!

oh sunday.