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holiday bazaar prep!

i’ve been steadily working on special orders, including another stocking order that i haven’t even taken one picture of yet!!!!  plus, i’m half way through with jodi’s christmas gift!  shhhh and i’ve got my mama’s order and the opera stuff to button up (i’m so close!)

but, getting ready for the holiday bazaar this friday is becoming a priority.  i’ve got my cards done with the blog info, plus price tags, coupon cards, and some extra fun little things.

sneak peak:

and, i’m trying to get some cute pics of the bow bands so i tortured alizah for a while the other night.  i didn’t get much out of her as you can see….

for such an amazingly beautiful girl, she sure does hate sitting in front of the camera for her dear old mom.  :D

ugh.  midnight again.  it creeps up on me so… off to bed!


busy, busy!

week gone by...