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thursday already???? eek

i didn’t get nearly as much done yesterday as i had hoped… and after our morning play date/knitting date with mare and her boys, getting alizah from school, and rearranging the entire downstairs!!! i didn’t get much done today, either.  

i only have two more repeats of cable on the opera bonnet, eyelet round, and seed stitch trim.  then the back piece (which will be cake), the i-cord, and finishing.  i just have the second blue strip of the scarf to do and that beast is complete!  

so, i think i’m going to put the opera stuff aside for the time being and hit the stockings hard!

i stopped right at where i would join the white and begin the heel shaping on the first red stocking and never got back to it.  that stocking WILL be done tomorrow (and hopefully one more, too).

i did take some time “off” to watch tv with the hubs last night and got the rest of that blue and brown roving spun.  i LOVE it.  i think the color change is actually going to look nicer that i thought when i was spinning singles.  i’ve never tackled color change yarn like that so i was pleasantly surprised by the result.

phew!  it’s now… 1 am and time for me to collapse.

good morning, saturday!

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