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good morning, saturday!

good morning!  it’s one of the (two???) saturdays a year i know i’m not going into work and i stayed in bed til 10.  there.  i said it.  mae doesn’t mind wasting away the morning with mama!  we both had birthdays recently… do we look older?

NAH!  not really.  alizah came in to crash our mid morning snuggle session, but she wasn’t too keen on getting in on the photo fun

oh well!  i finally made my way downstairs to get back to work.  mae and the hubs went birthday present shopping for her little friend colton’s 4th birthday party today and picked up some starbucks on the way back mmmmmmm yum which let mama get back on the needles - at least for a little while without interruptions.  i DID get two stockings completed yesterday - YAY

and only got this far on the 4th (and final) stocking

meh.  i need to dye a bit more red to button it up.  THAT will have to wait until tomorrow night.

of course, i can’t just tidy up the house, wrap birthday gifts, and pack for our crazy trip to chicago tonight, i had to start another project.

our dear friend trevor is expecting a little girl so i thought i’d knit them an elf-ish hat from the brown and blue yarn i dyed and spun this week.  so far so good!

i don’t think they’re the pink and purple types… i hope they LOVE it!

i can’t believe it’s almost time for me to go back to work.  BOO!  at least i’ve gotten nearly everything checked off my list for the week.  i’ll bring the opera bonnet with me to chicago and get some needle time in while the hubs is at the wheel.

back to packing….

hello chicago, goodbye.

thursday already???? eek