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one saturday off!

i requested this saturday off work!  what a special day <3

first thing this morning we were out the door for alizah’s basketball game.  they didn’t win this one, but she’s really getting more comfortable out there.  gabe and i took tons of video - no pics though.  

after that we went home and got ready to go to our lovely friend’s wedding!!! -and yes, this is the reason for my one saturday off in two years!  i’ve known evan for years - we attended college together back in 2003?  well, he finally met someone AMAZING who i’ve decided is the most lovely, graceful, and accepting woman on earth - balancing evan out perfectly.  :D

the ceremony was lovely - long, catholic, and lovely.  of course, i cried like a baby while mae kept busy with her bucket of play-doh.  these were the only pics i could get of her

she’s a little under the weather, but what a trooper!

the reception was beautiful - mae even danced the night away (not that i could actually capture it! LOL)  

during the reception evan sat down with his guitar and sang to his new bride (enter water-works)

i wish i could have gotten some decent pics of them cutting the cake with barbara’s grandfather’s SWORD because - well, they were struggling and it was hysterical.  hmmm i should have gotten some pics of his father and his top hat, too….

what an amazing day.  i wish them all the love the world has to offer (and i wish for babies)  they’re both such beautiful people and it’s very clear how much they care for each other and what a blessing they are to one another.

for rita

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