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thwarted again!

my plans always seem to get thwarted one way or another, and today was no exception.  mae and i were SO looking forward to care’s suprise birthday party, but fate stepped in.  there are times when i really wonder how odds work ;)

so… since my plan for a big party picture-filled post have also been thwarted, here are some new project updates:

“batgirl mask” for mae


i started over on the chemo turban for my mom’s friend… am i crazy??? YES.  i’m hoping the color suits her, and i’m wrapping the stitches as i turn.  this one is going much more smoothly!


AND one gigantic knitting project!!!  i have this grand plan for eventually making cushions and “baskets” but right now i’m just testing out materials.  these are a whopping US50 knitting needles and cotton cord.  the cord isn’t very flexible so i’m really getting a work out (but i couldn’t beat the price!)  i’m also testing out various stitches to see how they look… this is a seed stitch “swatch”



so, that’s all for now.  any other INSANE projects going on out there???? :D


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