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PHEW!  i finally have the opera scarf & bonnet done and ready to go.

when alizah gets home sunday i’ll take pics of the bonnet - as for now, please enjoy this pic of hubs in the opera scarf…

MAN, what a great feeling to have those ready to ship.

i have one etsy order i’m working on (intarsia = crazy court) then it’s back to the chemo caps, then friend and family orders.  sorry friends and family.  

the chemo turban for my mom’s friend is still coming along nicely.  the cap portion is finished, now i’m on the turban portion.  trying to decipherer vintage patterns is like reading hieroglyphs!  LORD!  who would-a thunk?

i love this color, and i think it’s going to be lovely.  the other blue is AMAZING, but i’d truly hate to give her something she felt was too loud…

this is my last entry for 2010!!!

i hope everyone has a VERY safe and AWESOME new year’s!

back to baking?

this woke me up!