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i could have died

yes, after a rocky start this morning i went out to the garden to dote on all my little sprouts and seedlings only to find that about four rows had been completely raped! i had some radishes ready to harvest which was a bright spot in the darkness however, after careful inspection i noticed that many of the radish leaves were nibbled off as well.

the half-empty garden was on my mind all day. after the gop dinner mae and i dropped nate off and headed to the hardware store. i decided to pick up some larger seedlings rather than re-sprouting everything (though i will need to sprout a couple more artichokes - only two remain), and lots and lots of chicken wire. mae also picked up a shovel of her very own.
the bird became a bit hysterical on the way home. she kept saying, "you gonna kill that aminol that's eatin' we's plants???"
i had to explain that the animal isn't eating our plants to be mean, he's just hungry and our plants are very delicious. i don't think she cared. she's out for blood.
nate and i both know the culprit... it's a cotton tailed demon!
i also thought that with a half-empty garden and all this rain it would be a good time to lay down some yummy compost, so i did and mae shoveled weeds with her new blue gardening tool, and i pounded in stakes around my patio tiles. nate and i worked in the dark for most of the chicken wire fence raising, but it was well worth it. i don't know if i could handle waking up tomorrow to another empty garden patch!

creatures, creatures, go AWAY!