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creatures, creatures, go AWAY!

this is mae's new garden chant. she repeats it over and over while plucking weeds and tossing them over her shoulder.

this is why: another horrible aphid attack on my poor tomatoes. those pests seemed to charge in over night to feast on my sweeties! i sprayed the leaves and stems down this morning with soap and water - hopefully it was early enough so that they don't burn in the sun. I NEED LADY BUGS! i think my husband has the camera cord to upload my pics, but as soon as i get it i'll upload the pics. i have also planted a tomato in one of those topsy-turvy things. we'll see who reins supreme - garden or weird green tarp tube thing.
we're still fighting that big circle of dead grass from the previous tenants' kiddie pool. maybe instead of re-sodding i'll just grow a pumpkin patch.
mae would love it. she gets SO angry when the lawn care people come around and cut the grass. she always asks why they keep doing that and getting grass clippings in our garden. then she said she doesn't want any grass at ALL in our yard. she says, "me don't like that grass!" she wants our veggies and herbs and flowers to cover all of the yard. it's amazing because at three, she has no clue what a trend that is right now! HA


good bugs

i could have died