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good bugs

my mother laughed at me when i spotted a lady bug in the garden and began jumping for joy.  hey!  lady bugs are glorious things - especially when you have aphid issues!
speaking of which, the tomatoes are doing wonderfully.  i pruned and staked them today and counted 10 fruits.  the sugar babies are on their way to climbing my fence so i've been wrangling them daily.  i counted 11 fruits among the vines but i'm quite certain there are more.  when i woke up this morning there were over 12 flowers in bloom (that i hand-pollinated just to be on the safe side - though i did spot a couple bumble bees the other night).  i'll post a few pics tomorrow... though i neglected to take any of the newest cuties!  what was i possibly thinking???

pics i promised yesterday...

creatures, creatures, go AWAY!