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waiting game

Things are getting pretty big around here... now we just wait.... i have three more serrano peppers growing and two sweet peppers since i harvested them last, the artichoke is getting huge and spiky, but no signs of a flower yet.  sugar baby watermelon are popping up left and right, many getting quite big and the girls are becoming impatient.  they're ready to EAT them!  we had a huge storm the other night that snapped the tomato plant in the topsy turvy right in half!  i'm still waiting to see if it's going to recover.  after the jap beetle attack, the basil hasn't really bounced back either.  i harvested quite a bit and have it in the fridge.  i've also been harvesting chamomile daily and drying it!  mmmm
the poor potatoes floated away during a flash flood and all ended up getting dumped.  it was a very sad day around here.  luckily, nooka came to the rescue just in time with a shipment of GLORIOUS flowers!!!!  most are in the small bed with the radishes and they seem quite content!

bigger and bigger

damn jap beetles