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another little harvest

i'm loving all of my little harvests.  the children usually get to the goods before i do so that all the good pickings are happily digesting in their bellies by the time i get out with the bowl.  we've already pulled potatoes, radishes, sweet peppers, basil, and hot peppers and we are ready for round two on the basil and pepper front.  the cherry tomatoes are being eaten along the way as are the strawberries (which are sadly approaching the end of their season), and the larger tomatoes are golden yellow!  they'll be ripe any day now!!!  whooot
i was amazed this morning when i went out for the daily cherry tomato feast and found that tons of serrano peppers were ready - and i mean TONS.  even though i'm sure i picked at least a dozen off this one little plant, there are still at least six more almost ready to go!  it's amazing.  i see salsa in my future <3

pictured: some of the cherry tomatoes, serrano peppers, one of the three bell peppers, and chamomile (which i pick nearly every morning.  some days it has dozens of blooms and other days nothing.... but it smells so divine!  i can't wait to make some tea!  yum!)


the new phase...

radish beans?