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what a day

first international bonnet sale.  AWESOMENESS
then mae and i ran a ton of errands… and i built this:

 for some reason i thought all my yarn would fit on these “racks” made of shelf arms and dowel rods…  but alas, just the bulk of my knitpicks yarns made it along with some odds and ends.  i’ve got my comfy worsted and sport on there, a bit of the alpaca/silk, some superwash merino, the 100% alpaca (sport weight), and kettle dyed sock yarn.  i squeezed another rod on the back of the top rack which houses most of my variegated yarns, some feltable wool, and lace baby alpaca…

i have a bin in my closet that i haven’t even gone though yet (and when i say bin i mean those plastic three-drawer things) i also have a bin in my living room.
i think i’m just going to double up on each bar and see how that goes.  phew!



how i love the little things

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