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new etsy shop!

my mama opened an etsy shop!  what?

check it out here .

she infuses olive oil with garlic and spices and… it’s completely addictive.  we were having some friends over for dinner one night, i had baked some delicious bread, and hubs noticed we were out of mama’s oil - uh oh.  good thing she lives around the corner!  yes.  he jumped in the car and drove over there with empty bottle in hand to beg for a refill.

it’s so nice to see her branching out and trying to promote online!

i also began branching out again recently.  i haven’t been drawing much in the past… oh, i don’t kow… 57,000 years or so, but i decided to pick up some items a few weeks back that would help me give the old sketch pad some attention.  i find that having knitting orders coming in means all of my (free?) time is spent with needles in my hands.  i need to try keeping in touch with my inner scribbler!

side note:

i watched this movie last night and it was pretty fantastic.  

harder to work...

how i love the little things