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weekend fun

this weekend has been packed with fun and very few chores (sorry groceries!  we’ll squeeze you in later)

some of our lovely friends got hitched last night and we got to attend the ceremony without our darling children!  linds looked amazing.  every detail was beautiful and well thought out.  i especially love the fact that she crafted all of her flowers out of crimped white paper.  pictures coming soon.

today we went to a car show and had loads of fun.  first, mae got to ride on a school bus that was acting as a shuttle from the parking lot to the show.  this was VERY exciting for her!

school bus ride!

mom and mae <3

daddy in the shade

then she got to see some of her favorite hot rods, play on a playground, eat ice cream, and see her favorite cousin (teet as she calls him) and his fiancé.  

WOW that’s high!

daddy and gary leading the way

the weather was nice for the first hour or so.  it truly began to heat up later in the afternoon!  mama treated herself to a little blueberry/pomegranate smoothie.  YUM

when we got home i decided to finish up the floor pillow i had started for mae a couple nights ago.  what a great pattern!  you can find it here.

 just keep pining, pining, pining….

mae LOVES her new floor cushion!  now to start the skinner clan’s!



nature's birdfeeder

hazards of sorting laundry