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one day off....

i only had one day off this week and i really tried to make the most of it.  the girls and i met our long-time friend, liz for lunch which was complete perfection.  we don’t get to see her very often so it’s quite a treat when we do!

then the girls and i went home and began cleaning up mama’s new toy

from what i can tell, this is a singer 66-1 red eye.  it’s in fairly good shape - a lot of decal wear, missing a rubber bobbin washer, one bobbin, possibly the bobbin case, and the leather belt - but when turned by hand it moves smoothly.  i took it apart and cleaned all the 100-year-old lint out of it! LOL and mae helped me wipe it down.  some of the veneer is cracked and breaking off… i’m not sure if i should just re-face the top or leave it alone……

it’s so lovely though, and i got it for steal!  i paid for it in tomatoes from my garden!!!

after we got our hands dirty with the sewing machine and nate finally found his way home after getting himself lost on his motorcycle ride, we met the pasleys, scotts, and skinners for dinner.  the kids had the best time running around carrie’s living room screaming their tiny heads off while baby gus snoozed.  poor baby gus!  it was a wonderful end to a wonderful day <3

i should be working on my barret! but it’s about 100 degrees in here and i just really don’t feel like knitting.  i love the pattern though.  god love hubs for buying me that book!

finished beret!

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