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september, already?

well, today was the first of september and i have a strange congested-ish, sore-ish, stuffy-ish feeling already :(

i got this fancy teapot for myself as a lovely fall gift, but i can’t seem to be able to work the thing!  LOL

there was no box to go with it so…. trial and error it is!  i made some tea tonight - chamomile and catnip from my very own earth, and some red, white, and black peppercorns for some added cold fighting!

i don’t think mae is feeling very well either. poor little thing!  she’s all stuffy and grumpy.  last night she realized her green princess pillow (for nap time at school) had gone missing and completely lost it!  i whipped this up for her in a jiff.  at first she said she hated it, but when i told her it had an “M” for “mommy” it became her new favorite thing!  it’s the perfect size to fit in her backpack AND her cubby.  the fact that it matches her floor cushion is just icing on the cake.

apple picking

finished beret!