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apple picking

we made the long journey to tuttle orchard today!

we were on our way with a truck full of little girls ready to gather apples.  unfortunately, mae fell asleep quickly and didn’t really recover once we finally got there.  she was still a bit groggy and decided it would be best to sit in the wagon while the big people did all the picking.  she still had a good time, and the big girls had a BLAST.  we ended our visit with a bag full of goodies from the orchard shop and cider slushies for everyone.  nom nom nom

“middle of nowhere” according to the big girls.  typical rural indiana….

it was breezy and mild.  i think i could have taken a nap, too!

alizah’s little girlfriend came along.  here they are with some of their LOOT!

hubs trying to coax mae out of the wagon… to no avail :(

… and mae.  always hiding from the camera!  LOL

cider slush mmmmm

alizah being a goof

and whit…. the fashion diva!



knit, knit, hook

september, already?