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i'm here, i'm here!

yes, i’m here, and i’ve been a busy bee. 

the news:

i went to a brand new yarn shop in plainfield, IN yesterday and left with the most devine kettle dyed merino on earth!  mae wants me to make her some mittens with the yellow she chose and hubs picked some army green heathered wool for a hat.  the owner is a sweetie, she has spinning wheels and roving, and she has a group that meets every thursday night.  i’m thinking i’ll go one night with my mother-in-law.  it’s close to her house, and she’s really struggling to get back into the swing of knitting.

we’re fostering a little chinese crested pooch for a while and he’s been fun to hang out with.  i knitted a quick sweater for him on saturday since he’s a baldie and it’s getting chilly around here.  the girls love him, but the early morning jumping on your head routine is getting old fast.

i have tons of ideas right now and i’ve been writing patterns like crazy.  the bonnet i was commissioned to make for the Sydney Opera House is about half way there, too!  writing the pattern for it wasn’t too bad and i’m zipping through the stitching.  tons and tons of pics are on their way… SWEAR

left to be done:

get some yarns dyed!  i’m really getting the itch to try my hand at it…  i picked up some procion dye for the sweater i tried dyeing last week so i need to do that too.


just keep knitting knitting knitting

dye day